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André Felipe Ribeiro

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Hi, I am André Felipe Ribeiro. Some people call me André, others call me Felipe, but some just call me Ribeiro. I have already thought about how I actually prefer being called, but in the end I couldn't decide (so please feel free to call me as you wish).

I was born in Brasília, the capital of Brazil. I started working in the design business more than 9 years ago and since then I have been modifying my aim little by little. In the beginning I used to do everything: folders, printed banners, emails marketing, hotsites, portals, etc. After one year working at Brasil Telecom (one of the biggest Telecoms in Brazil) I decided to follow a different path.

That was when I resolved to focus on Internet. Over several years I worked in a variety of agencies, ranging from small to large ones - those part of international groups (such as Agência Click Isobar).I even had the pleasure of working in London at (Waste Creative).

And after spending 6 months also improving my English I came back to Brazil to finish my university studies and had the experience of working in a Promo Agency (Monumenta) and a traditional publicity agency as well (BorghiErh / LOWE) working with print ads, banners, branding, packaging design, etc.

All of this gave me significant experience and different skills such as: concept development, information architecture, creation of websites, web games and digital campaigns.

Throughout these years I had the pleasure of meeting some great people, and day after day I always tried to learn and grow a little bit more.

Only after all of this could I figure out that creativity is very important, though a good art director must understand what the client (and the clients thereof) really needs. Making something only pretty is definitely not enough. What you create has to work. And to create something that really works we must sweat first.

But the biggest lesson that I learned was to always fight with keenness, passion and enthusiasm in everything I decide to do, no matter where or when or under which circumstance in my life.

Oh, I almost forgot! I am available for freelance.

Or your can call me:

+55 (61) 9962-1233

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